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BE YOUNG™ - My 75 Micronutrients (30 SGC)

30 Softgels

14 Vitamins; 14 minerals; 22 Amino Acids; 25 Bio Nutrients
5 in 1 action- Meet RDA; Stay Youthful; Boost Energy; Look Attractive; Prevent Disease

Quantity :

MRSP : ₹ 1399.00

Product Description

My 75 Micronutrients softgels are loaded with powerful anti oxidants, cell protectors, revitalizers, anti inflammatory and anti stress agents all derived naturally from plant and herbal extracts and strictly proven to produce no side effects.

Ø  Protects cells from damage
Ø  Improves energy for daily activities
Ø  Destroys the free radicals and prevents the further formation
Ø  Cures gastric ulcers, neurological disorders, Irritable bowel syndrome
Ø  Helps in Hypoglycemia, Arthritis
Ø  Improves immune system, reduces stress and anxiety
Ø  Heals and protects skin
Ø  Anti inflammatory repairs, maintains, cartilage, bones, and teeth
Ø  Revitalizes the system to be energetic