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BE YOUNG™ - My Daily Protein Shake

500 g

Fuel your body daily with Elaichi Flavour Protein Superfood + 75 micronutrients complex, ready to drink shake is intelligent performance nutrition in a simple, easy to use format.
5 in 1 action: Low Calorie;
High Protein;
Energy Booster;
Immune Booster;
nutritional science masterd 75 Micronutrients complex

Quantity :

MRSP : ₹ 1948.00

Product Description

BE YOUNG™ - My Daily Protein Shake is the great tasting Elaichi shake designed to aid muscle mass gains, and is formulated to work as hard as you do. Scientifically engineered muscle and health building BE YOUNG™ - My Daily Protein Shake is formulated with Whey protein concentrated 80% for those who are serious about building muscle mass and maintaining a healthy body.
If you are making an attempt to achieve your size goals, BE YOUNG™ - My Daily Protein Shake contains the extra nutrition that will help get you there effectively. Powered with an active combination of 75 micronutrients- vitamins, key minerals, amino acids, natural extracts and herbs. Vitamin C, E, B2, Copper, manganese, selenium, zinc contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. 
Designed for men and women following a weight management nutritional plan, bodybuilders and athletes or individuals on a mass-gaining plan. Enjoy the delicious taste and texture.

Take a glass/mug of lukewarm water/milk
Add 1 -2 scoops of My Daily Protein Shake as per your taste
Add sweetener to you taste if desired and stir well
Enjoy the delicacy with family and friends for a better health

Ø  Helps increase height
Ø  Helps maintain healthy hair and skin
Ø  Helps increase muscle mass
Ø  Helps develop shapely body
Ø  Helps improve concentration and removes mental ‘fogg’
Ø  Helps develop swim suit body
Ø  Activates brain cells and increases IQ
Ø  Helps weight gain and build muscle mass for lean muscle
Ø  Helps increase stamina, power and endurance
Ø  Helps develop a Macho and sexy body
Ø  Helps improve work capacity and performance
Ø  Helps improve exercise/work out capacity
Ø  Helps boost performance in weekend parties
Ø  Helps improve sexual performance
Ø  Helps sports endurance in all age groups
Ø  Helps reduce body pains and fibromyalgia
Ø  Helps improve immunity