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In continuation with our blog about Yo-Yo dieting and your health, today we will take a dip in the actual problems caused by dieting and how to fight it.

Sometimes the lure of quick results with minimal effort is too much to ignore. However it brings with it a basket of serious health problems lets list them down:

⮚ Affects Immunity
⮚ Hurts internal organs
⮚ Disturbs proper body growth
⮚ Always feel low on energy
⮚ Plays around with your body strength

Dieting isn’t easy. Every episode of weight gain and weight loss can toy with your mind. That alone might raise your level of cortisol, the stress hormone. And when you cut your calories? That does it, too. That’s a problem because high cortisol means you’re more likely to add fat around your belly, which raises your risk for problems like diabetes and heart disease.

How does Minicare™ Food Pills help?

Minicare™ Food Pills contains the 24 vital nutrients needed for healthy growth of teenage girls. During dieting you tend to go high on proteins and cut down on fats and carbs. Food is a necessity, while on diet you don’t eat healthy assortment and lack the nutrients needed. These micronutrients are very important because they are the catalyst in converting the protein and carbs taken into energy. For a healthy and beautiful you think smart with our Minicare™ Food daily pills!!
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