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BE YOUNG™ - ReduceHairFall NUTRIENT Pills

30 Softgels

Food Pills technology that understands hair. Statistics show that a whole range of factors, including stress, hormonal imbalance, over-styling, poor nutrition, environmental factors such as pollution, hereditary factors & age can impact on the health of the hair and hair growth, with one in three adults experiencing the distress this can cause at some stage in their lives.
BE YOUNG™ - ReduceHairFall Food Pills is for men and women who want to maintain normal healthy hair growth.

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MRSP : ₹ 507.00

Product Description

BE YOUNG™ - ReduceHairFall Food Pills is powered with a beauty-boosting dose of Biotin, Folic acid, Grape Seed extracts, Ginkgo Biloba, Bioactive collagen peptides and Amino acids. BE YOUNG™ - ReduceHairFall Food Pills works to support healthy hair growth. Take two food pills daily to enjoy longer, stronger and thicker hair.
BE YOUNG™ - ReduceHairFall Food Pills is a carefully balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and bio-active nutrients. Each food pill provides micronutrients including iron, selenium and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair. Each hair follicle is a highly active metabolic "factory"; requiring oxygen, energy and protein synthesis to maintain normal healthy hair. BE YOUNG™ - ReduceHairFall Food Pills benefits are delivered via the bloodstream directly to the hair root and dermal layers of the scalp where they are needed most.

One soft gel in the morning and one in the evening. Swallow with water or a cold drink. Not to be chewed. Do not exceed the recommended intake. A regular intake is recommended.

❖ Niacin (B3) helps in maintaining healthy hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles with rich blood circulation thereby, benefits the hair growth

❖ Biotin (B7) is required in maintaining a healthy hair, skin and nails

❖ Vitamin B helps promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp and blood circulation

❖ DHT blocking herbs stops hair thinning

❖ Ginkgo Biloba increases scalp circulation and restores hair growth from follicles

❖ Provides adequate nutrition to scalp, follicles, hair and skin

❖ Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation