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BE YOUNG™ - MySleepAid NUTRIENT Pills[A]

30 Tablets

Natural Relief for Sleeplessness
For everyday sleep support with the power of Melatonin, Valerian root & L-tryptophan. Helps relieve of sleep disturbances due to anxiety and stress

Quantity :

MRSP : ₹ 850.00

Product Description

BE YOUNG™ - MySleepAid Food Pills is a proprietary blend of all the natural extracts Like passionflower leaf, Hops flower, Chamomile flower Lavender and Valerian root extract tested and proven for its effects to reduce the symptoms of insomnia for hundreds of years of the human history. It is also responsible for secretion and regulation of sleep hormone, Melatonin that helps to maintain our sleep cycle. The ingredients are rich in promoting relief to the nervous system through sleep. They help to relieve nervousness, tension, generalized anxiety, and stress. Especially Melatonin helps in inducing 8-hour sleep pattern in sleep-deprived individuals. BE YOUNG™ - MySleepAid Food Pills is a combination of natural extracts there are no known side effects.

For adults, one tablet before bedtime (preferably an hour before going to bed)

Ø  Induces sleep
Ø  Relieves from tension, stress, and anxiety
Ø  Promotes 8 hour sleep pattern in individuals deprived of sleep
Ø  Niacin helps in reducing Atherosclerosis (Hardening of arteries)
Ø  Prepared from natural extracts, therefore, no side effects
Ø  Increases appetite and promotes digestion