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BE YOUNG™ - Toxidecc™ Food Pills

60 Veg Capsules

BE YOUNG™ - Toxidecc™ Food Pills provides the ultimate combination of nutrients, designed to replenish and revive your body when it needs it most.
Helps remove toxins from the body and enhance the function of vital organs

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Product Description

BE YOUNG™ - Toxidecc™ Food Pills effectively removes the toxins accumulated in the body. It is specially formulated to enhance the body’s natural toxin eliminating process. BE YOUNG™ - Toxidecc™ Food Pills is an all-natural formula that combines Fenugreek fiber with five of the world’s most effective cleansing herbs and lactospore to nourish and tone liver and the intestinal tract and facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. It is blood purifier, liver, kidney, heart and gut cleanser. Detoxification should be done regularly to improve the functioning of vital organs like Liver, Kidneys and Heart to overcome the chronic illnesses. BE YOUNG™ - Toxidecc™ Food Pills provides comprehensive support to the detoxification process.

One capsule once a day

Ø  Natural formula nourishes the liver and flushes the Xenobiotics from liver and intestinal tract
Ø  Enhances body’s natural mechanisms to eliminate toxins
Ø  Boosts your energy naturally making the body free and light
Ø  Enhances healthy digestion
Ø  Strengthens the immune system
Ø  Improves skin and breath
Ø  Maintains normal liver function
Ø  Benefits anti ageing process
Ø  Ensures healthy height to weight composition
Ø  Improves metabolic processes leading to sustained energy levels and stamina
Ø  Improves the sense of well being